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Remote Service & Programming Consultant

Location: London

Job type: operations

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Role Overview

Service Operations require a subject matter expert in the area of remote management and monitoring to deliver deployment and post-deployment management.

Key Responsibilities

  • Receive and parse customer requirements for remote management and monitoring from Technical Estimating
  • Attend site during project commissioning to provide expertise relating to the proActiV project element
  • Addition and removal of locations and devices on existing proActiV installations
  • Produce device drivers for new devices to be added to proActiV
  • Update existing installations with any patches and updates necessary
  • Amend alert thresholds with the goal of minimising false-positive and/or missed alerts
  • Deliver minor code changes as necessary in response to Service Operations Calls
  • Other programming duties as required

Further Details

Reporting to:
Tech Desk Manager
08.30-17.30, Monday-Friday

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