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AVIT Integration Engineer

Location: London

Job type: technical

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Role Overview

As a key contributor to the successful delivery of projects, you will work with customers, consultants and internal teams to understand their needs, requirements, and expectations. You will produce technical documentation, conduct workshops and ultimately be responsible for the delivery of AV/IT specific elements in line with proAV’s other engineering divisions. You will support existing customers and promote future account growth, and will also assist proAV’s support services team in driving customer adoption and expansion through training and support activities.

Key responsibilities

  • Review and ratify system schemes in terms of networking requirements and architecture
  • Liaison with internal project departments, consultants, clients and contractors to ensure project networking requirements are met
  • Delivery, integration and maintenance of systems in terms of their network architecture and design connectivity to meet the needs of the system brief and design
  • Using proven technology whilst also looking for new and interesting solutions to problems and designs
  • Physically setup elements of systems to prove the concept using hardware and software.
  • Conduct off-site testing and setup, on-site commissioning and configuration programming of project network requirements. This will encompass both hardware and software interfaces
  • Deal with interaction between client network teams to deliver secure and scalable IP based AV solutions
  • Follow and review system schematics and network designs- ensuring all details and any alterations are recorded
  • Represent the company with the necessary level of professional conduct and presentation

Further Details

Reporting to:
AVIT Engineering Manager
Full time, 40 hrs per week, overtime available

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