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Free health check for your AV systems

The Feel Good Factor

proAV's revolutionary AV is getting the healthcare sector into seriously good shape

Our AV systems have the power to revive the healthcare sector by improving productivity and operational success and the subsequent cost savings that can be achieved make everyone feel better.

  • Our powerful audio visual systems are helping hospitals deliver better, faster, more cost-effective services to their patients.
  • Our pioneering technologies are transforming traditional surgical procedures into minimally invasive operations with radical 3D imaging for pinpoint accuracy
  • We're securing the future of a skilled healthcare service with our video conferencing and communications systems that make medical research, education and distance learning viable and affordable
  • We're equipping the healthcare sector with groundbreaking research and education tools

Free health check for your AV systems - free health boost for you

Now, we'd like to show you how we can get your organisation into better shape and, for a limited period, we're giving away spa days to help get your own system into better shape too. Contact our healthcare specialists to find out more our proAV's Feel Good Factor*.

Click to find out more about proAV's solutions for the public and private healthcare sectors, read our white paper on AV communications in medicine and see how our AV is revolutionising medical surgery.

* This offer comprises a complimentary spa day at a hotel/leisure centre and applies to medical sector organisations who ask proAV to conduct an appraisal of their current AV systems and invite us to upgrade their equipment if we recommend a better solution that meets their requirements.

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